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Work Hard. Run Harder

RBJSkillz EST. 2011 by Rickey Brown

Certified as the following: 

Speed & Agility Coach

Weightlifting Performance Coach

Sports Nutrition Coach

Program Design Specialist

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Sports Performance

At RBJ Skillz we know that speed and agility are fundamental to any sport, and in addition to making you more competitive, it's also great for overall health and fitness.


We understand that in order to build speed and agility, you have to take care of your body using the proper nutrition.  

I'm here to help you build skills and develop better habits as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.



Enhanced Skills

Performance and analyzation go hand in hand. There is a significant importance to analyzing and enhancing speed at which the athlete moves from point A to point B. 

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How quickly an athlete moves, when leaping, jumping, moving forward or backward plays a factor in how we train each athlete. 

Everyone moves at a different pace, and we take this under consideration when we are creating a workout plan for every individual we work with. 

You'll Increase Performance

We help you build the muscle strength you need to tone your body for speed. 

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We Hold You Accountable

In order to obtain the desired performance goals, we must be consistent, that means no missed workouts. We hold our athletes to a high standard. 

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Results are Guaranteed

Working with RBJ Skillz we guarantee improvement in vertical, strength, and speed during your training period.

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We Offer Training Programs

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On a Run
Sports Shoes

Group Session

Speed and agility focusing on Fundamental Movement to increase acceleration and change of direction

Private Session

High Performance Training focusing on the athletes area of needed development and enhancement.  


Whether you're looking to improve your strength, speed, power or agility, we've got you covered. 

The Athletes

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The Athletes
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